A rational kernel of your business

We represent reliability, strength and stability. Born on earth, called to fly in the sky, like a falcon, we are catching the fair wind so high, that other birds just can’t get there. We are happy to take under our wing those, who achieve the heights in their business.

Start from yourself

The secret of our prosperity lies in the success of your business. You can be sure, that by growing the high quality grains, we can provide your business with the needed volume of services. The right approach and high technological potential distinguish Zlata Trade from its business rivals.


Since our foundation in 2008, we managed to become one of the most successful traders in the sphere of sales and purchase of grains in the South of Ukraine. We have improved our manufacturing technologies and gained favor with our suppliers thanks to our great experience. Two grain elevators allow us to work with large volumes of grains, and the trucks, belonging to our company, can transport the required volume of grains in the shortest time possible. Our activity is connected both with grains and fertilizers supply. All of it can be provided to you. All of it is Zlata Trade itself.